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Egypt - Winter 2012-2013
From December 17, 2012 through January 2, 2013,
seven high school students from South Central Los
Angeles and two chaperones traveled to Egypt for two
transformative weeks. The participants learned firsthand
about the Arab Uprising, acquired a deep understanding
of the experiences of women in Egypt, and connected
with the highly marginalized and culturally rich Nubian
communities in Southern Egypt.

During this trip, we met with representatives of the
Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights in Cairo and Luxor
to discuss gender roles in Egyptian society and the
interminable cycle of women’s oppression. We attended a
gathering of women activists and
Dina Abouelsoud, the
inspirational co-founder of the Egyptian Revolutionary
Women's Coalition, to better understand the Egyptian
revolution and the universal and unique struggles of
women in Egypt.

We also met with leaders of the Gudran Association for
Art and Development
in Alexandria to learn what is being
done at the grassroots level to promote equality and
human rights. One of the most impacting experiences was
spending an intimate four days in a
Nubian village at the
southern end of Egypt.
Meet the Participants:
Atiya Muhammad, Imani Ward, Bianca Ruiz,
Ortega, Quron Joseph, Brian
Robbynne Hale, Imogene
Williams, and Ashia Ezekiel
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