Brian Johnstone
Brian Johnstone is an educator, student and social justice
activist. He is currently a teacher at King/Drew Magnet
High School in south Los Angeles and a Ph.D. candidate
in Social Sciences and Comparative Education at the
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Brian has
extensive experience working with youth, international
education programs, and student travel excursions.
During the past 12 years, Brian has led student travel
excursions on four continents and has participated in
educational programs and dialogue with students and
teachers from many countries throughout the world,
including Ghana, Cuba, Venezuela, Vietnam, Thailand,
Burma, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, India, Pakistan,
Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq. Brian uses these
experiences as a student, teacher, educational activist,
and international travel organizer to ensure excursions
with Traveling Spirits are informative and transformative
for the participants.

As a founding member of Traveling Spirits, Brian is
continuing his work to raise awareness about institutional
systems of oppression, exploitation and domination, in
both local and global contexts. Brian firmly believes that
only through an awareness of the complexities and varied
manifestations of oppression will it ever be possible to
truly work towards global justice and human rights.
"To surmount the situation of
oppression, people must first
critically recognize its causes, so
that through transforming action
they can create a new situation,one
which makes possible the pursuit of
a fuller humanity."

~ Paulo Freire
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